The 7 Deadly Virtues: Significant Productions

This page contains the company details for significant productions of Alan Ayckbourn's The 7 Deadly Virtues.

World Premiere (1984)

World premiere: 12 January 1984
Final performance: 4 February 1984
Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough

Alan Ayckbourn
Musical Director: Paul Todd
Design: Edward Lipscomb
Francis Lynch
Sound: Francis Lynch
The Company
Lavinia Bertram
Michael Cashman
Russell Dixon
Graeme Eton
Lesley Nicol
Kenneth Price
Liza Sadovy
The Band
Synthesiser: Paul Todd
Note: In previous collaborations between Alan Ayckbourn and Paul Todd the majority of the music had been played by a live band; for The 7 Deadly Virtues this posed more of a challenge. As a result, the majority of the backing tracks were pre-recorded (featuring synthesisers, bass guitar, pianos, drums and percussions). Two synthesisers were used ‘live’ to embellish the pre-recorded material, both played by Paul Todd.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.